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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Oregon traffic accident statistics

Instructions and Help about Oregon traffic accident statistics

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How bad is the traffic in Oregon going to be during the eclipse?
I’ll be a bit contrarian here - I’ve been to three total eclipses. For every one, there were predictions of horrible traffic, lack of infrastructure, double booked hotel rooms, etc. Two of them were in rural areas with very few roads, and one was in a fairly large European city. (Southern tip of Baja California in 91, Puerto Iguazu in 94, and Salzburg in 99)The predictions did not come true. Traffic wasn’t particularly bad. If you’re an eclipse chaser, you can’t imagine everyone else not being motivated like you, so you tend to think everyone’s going to be doing the same thing. Nope - for a lot of people the eclipse will be an interesting moment in an otherwise fairly normal day.Right before and during totality, people will pour out of buildings and buses and cars will stop.What does happen is people parking in unusual places - probably more roadside parking than ever before. But not the wall to wall traffic jams for hundreds of miles.After the eclipse there will be traffic jams, though - it’s like getting out of the stadium parking lot after the game. People show up gradually during the preparation, but once it’s over, it’s “hit the road” time.
How come drivers in Oregon pull out in front of oncoming traffic without stopping at their stop sign?
It happens even more here in Washington State and they don’t even have the courtesy of speeding up to keep from slowing down the traffic that was already there. I would support a $1000 fine for doing that but I have seen people do it here in front of cops and not get pulled over. In fact I have seen cops do it on more than one occasion.
Do digital media marketers misuse statistics out of incompetence or deliberately to drive traffic?
While it is certainly not debatable that news organizations use sensational headlines to attract attention and drive reader/viewers, the largest part of this trend is probably driven by plain old, vanilla ignorance. The core of this problem is basically two fold:Journalists rarely gain depth of education in sciences like mathematics, statistics, physics or economics. Of course there are journalists who take the random one or two courses in economics or statistics and learn a few things, but this knowledge tends to be just enough to be dangerous and draw improper conclusions from either limited data or anecdotes.Journalists write.They typically pursue a career long focus on writing in and of itself. It is atypical to have a journalist who was a CFO, head of marketing, or a research scientist and decided to drop that profession and elect to become a writer. As a result, many journalists, while they are extremely talented and bright people, are a dangerous mix of a little information (see #1) and a lack of subject matter judgement that typically comes with doing a profession for years upon years. For example, what might look like a massive software problem to a person lacking experience in software development, could be trivial to an expert software engineer. Same thing with reporting on financial issues. There are various issues that arise from time to time about companies finances that seem "unseemly" to outsiders or non-financial experts, but ask any CFO with deep experience and they may tell you the issue is only a bit outside the norm of financial practices. This kind of judgement about issues only comes with doing and earning knowledge within a discipline. Journalists typically never have the chance to gain this experience and ultimately, can end up half cocked on issues since they have very few points of reference as a generalist.So, its the combination of the above two issues plus this need to garner attention for the pieces they write that creates an environment where journalists can be seemingly casual with facts and figures.Postscript: Today's trend of news-torial (a combination of news and editorial) is one of the most dangerous trends in modern society. It is an instance where journalists may intentionally twist stats or spin things depending on who is paying them or their political agenda. As result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many consumers to tell the difference between news (facts) and the opinions of the writers or news organization.  An electorate that is constantly seeking the truth on issues, most likely will not be effective in the voting booth.
Street light: what is the correlation (statistics) of bad lights to rate of accidents (traffic) and incidents (mugging, theft)?
Before starting to address this question , we need to know how you will measure your variables. What do you mean by bad lights. This could be a binary variable ( good/ bad lighting), a Likert , with several levels. Or will it be a continuous variable, e.g. in number of lumens, etc. Same for the other variables. Please try to be more specific.
What is the role of the fire crews called out to a major road traffic accident?
Answering from a British point of view. At an RTC with persons trapped the immediate priority is to render the vehicles safe, buy deploying firefighting media. The appliance will be park at an angle to “fend off” any further crashes and protect crews. Then any casualties will be assessed and treated where possible, if ambulance not already in attendance. If the Casualty is trapped in the vehicle then the Fire service will be responsible for their extrication. The severity of their injuries will dictate whether it is a rapid extrication or a more methodical gold standard extrication. Later they will attempt to make the roads and vehicles safe by removing glass and discounting batteries (if not already done).
How to reduce traffic accidents in India?
Only one answer : Rules and Regulations' Implementation !!So, this accident just happened yesterday A girl with no driving license was driving and she bumped into my car. Now, to surprise her mother was sitting beside herNow , let me take you to the series of events that occured .We asked the girl and her mother about her licence ,which never existed on Earth!We called police at were waiting for police to arrive and while waiting…Her mother came out of car and started calling her relatives as she was a resident of that area . Their neighbourhood arrived and a man started saying “we will tell police that she was not driving, now ,let's see what can you do?”She and her relatives instead of regretting ,started threatening us that “even if you call police we will get bail in 10 mins, why are you waisting your time? Police Kya hi karlegi ,bachi hai ho jaata hai , road permit for chalega hai ye Sab” and ultimately police left the girl without any punishment!!We never asked for any money to repair our car and believe me it is damaged to a great extent!“Bachi hai ho jaata hai “ • To my surprise her mother was showing that it wasn't issue and same was her neighbourhood doing • what if she had shot some person and he died?A message conveyed through this incident to that 15–16 yr old girl was “ you can do anything and you will be in no trouble”I was saddened to see the attitude of people and police .police never investigated what happened and was happy that you people resolveI really want to take this issue forward and tell people how all these things happened and how careless we are about road safetyI would regret to say that parents really set a bad example when they support their kids in such things !!Edit 1 : Thank you so much for your response .I did call police and traffic police multiple times(just after incident till 2 days) and asking if I could widespread this stuff , but I was told that in such cases,you are required to take action at the time of event .Soon , I realised that I should stop calling police now .I will definitely get these cameras installed  Thank you for your advice .Yes, to all those asking me why I kept myself anonymous is reason being no one from her influential and violent family reaches me and bother us as they did enough that day .I do regret of not taking a big step towards this girl but believe me had it been just me there , I would not have let her go that easily .Reason for posting these pictures is beware of her!!
How do you feel about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration being caught putting out bogus statistics to make Tesla's Autopilot appear to reduce crashes?
Getting “caught putting out bogus statistics” implies some sort of nefarious action to pra specific narrative.There is absolutely ZERO evidence this happened, and no one of any authority has claimed there was anything nefarious about it.The NHTSA made an easy-to-make, if not fairly elementary, error in their analysis. And then this extremely preliminary analysis was taken by other parties (including Tesla) to mean more than it was ever supposed to.Their original analysis was never to determine the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of Autopilot. But only to see if there were gross differences between cars before and after Autopilot was installed to determine whether further studies were warranted. It was clearly an extremely high-level analysis (more of a ‘glance• really) of two samples with all sorts of co-mingled variables that the NHTSA never made an effort to remove because it wasn’t the point of what they were doing at the time.After Tesla began claiming the NHTSA’s initial analysis said more than it was ever intended to make claim to, the NHTSA issued a statement (over a year ago now) that those results were, in fact, preliminary and did not demonstrate the results that Tesla was claiming it did.Should the NHTSA’s initial study have the errors it did? No, but people make mistakes and this was one that even experienced data scientists make on occasion. And that’s assuming there even was one at all, and the intent wasn’t to compare the groups that were compared as they were (which I find unlikely).Did they walk it back as soon as Tesla started being widely quoted in the media (after they had a fatality) with their “study results”? Yes. Which is not what someone does who is putting out “bogus statistics” with some intent to mislead people.Someone there messed up and hoped someone wouldn’t notice. Once it got out that Tesla was using this study in the media, the NHTSA walked it back. Perhaps not as forcefully as they could/should have. But they did walk it back. Nearly a year before this guy “caught” them.
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